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NeedleOff safely removes any contaminated threaded needle from a dental syringe and deposits it in the integrated sharps container.



Needlestick injuries have a huge impact on medical professionals and patients alike. With an estimated 2 to 3,5 million incidents a year, the physical, emotional and financial costs of the procedures following a needlestick injury are tremendous. That resulted in the international ban on recapping contaminated needles – and rightfully so.



Any medical practitioner will confirm that active prevention of needlestick injuries is important. Providing the safest possible clinical workspace for both your patients and your staff is paramount. Until recently, the recapping of contaminated needles was unavoidable due to the lack of a reliable, working solution. Not anymore. With NeedleOff, the risk of an incident with a contaminated needle is minimized.



The portable and intuitive NeedleOff device works with any threaded dentistry syringe. Designed to be used with only a single hand, the contaminated needle is inserted immediately after the procedure. NeedleOff locks the needle and automatically twists it off the syringe. After confirmed separation, the contaminated needle is dropped into the integrated Sharptainer for disposal.

NeedleOff Starterkit - 1x NeedleOff, 2x Sharptainer, 1x Gripper Cassette.
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The Sharptainer offers a high capacity of up to 400 needles for prolonged uninterrupted use. The smart design ensures the Sharptainer is automatically closed whenever it’s removed from NeedleOff, before it’s permanently sealed for disposal. The Sharptainer includes wireless medical waste tracking options.

Sharptainer 4-Pack
€ 79,00 excl. VAT
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NeedleOff features a replaceable Gripper Cassette, which contains the needle gripping mechanism. It's removed by opening the lid, pressing the locking clamps and pulling the Cassette forward. This allows you to work with a clean Cassette for every procedure throughout the day. The needle funnel can be detached for easy cleaning.

Gripper Cassette
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Increased safety for all
With single handed operation, NeedleOff enables you to safely remove and dispose of the needle immediately after a procedure. No more contaminated needles lying around or moving around the practice.
Works with any threaded dental needle
NeedleOff offers reliable, intuitive usability with any treaded dental needle. Even if a needle was slightly bent during the procedure, NeedleOff will grip, twist and deposit without issue.
Designed for prolonged operation
Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, the high Sharptainer capacity of up to 400 needles and an easily replaceable Gripper Cassette, NeedleOff is designed to be by your side or move through the practice all day.
Convenient disposal & maintenance
The Sharptainer auto-closes on removal from NeedleOff. Full Sharptainers can be sealed for final disposal and include tracking options. The Gripper Cassette features a removeable entry funnel for easy cleaning.
No risk of overfill
The NeedleOff display provides the user with simple instructions. It also shows the procedure count with the current Sharptainer. The device automatically stops when reaching maximum capacity, which eliminates the risk of overfill.
Reduction of the amount of plastic in medical waste
In contrast to the traditional methods used to remove a contaminated needle from the syringe, the plastic needle caps are no longer discarded as a part of specifically processed medical waste streams when using NeedleOff.



Automatically twist any used needle off the syringe immediately, reduce the amount and volume of medical waste.
Gripper Cassette
Easy to change between treatments to exclude any risk of cross contamination.
Rechargeable battery
Sufficient power for a full working day of wireless use, battery capacity indicator.
Capacity of 400 needles, eletronic overfill protection, easy to change, processed as regular sharps container when full and sealed.
Cleaning & Maintenance
Easy to clean, Gripper Cassette compatible with thermodisinfector.



"The NeedleOffs work very well, we are very satisfied with your products and the service provided."
- Laure Vandeweyer
Dental Assistant
Klaverblad Dentists
"We are using NeedleOff for 1,5 years now. I am very satisfied with the product, because it really reduces the risk of needlestick. Thanks to this device, you no longer come close to the needle. Very nice!"
- Stephanie van Dorst
Doctor's Assistant
Amphia Hospital
"We are using this ideal NeedleOff for a week. NeedleOff twists the needle from the syringe, so you no longer have to do that yourself! This lowers the risk of needlestick."
- Marin de Rooij
Quality Officer
Jeroen Bosch Hospital
"I am very happy with my NeedleOff. I started with a device in treatment room 1, but soon I missed the convenience of the other treatment rooms! So there will be 3 more soon."
- Marc-Jan van Wijck
Dentistry van Wijck



What’s included?

NeedleOff is available in the Starterkit, which includes the device, 2 Sharptainers and 1 Gripper Cassette.

The power adapter (standard with interchangeable European plug; plug for other countries or regions optional), and the user manual are also included.

Additional Sharptainers are available in a 4-Pack. Replacement Gripper Cassettes can be ordered per piece.

What’s the power rating?

The included NeedleOff power adapter is suitable for connecting the device to 100V - 240V AC and 50/60Hz.

NeedleOff runs on 24V DC at 1A.

The internal battery has a capacity of 4.400 mAh.

What are the device dimensions?

The device measures 259 x 125 x 165 mm (H x L x D). With a Sharptainer and Gripper Cassette installed, it weighs 2 kilograms (4.31 lbs).

Is NeedleOff certified?

Yes, NeedleOff has been certified by TÜV Rheinland (ID 111238204). Sharptainer has been tested and approved in accordance with the UN packaging standards (NL/TCPI-1726.2138-210538). Both the device and the consumables are CE certified.

Which needle types are compatible?

NeedleOff is compatible with all available lengths of the dental needles with either metric or imperial thread listed in the table below, from brands like for example Terumo and Septoject.

Needle Gauge Outer Diameter (mm)
21 0.82
21.5 0.77
22 0.72
22s 0.718
22.5 0.67
23 0.64
23s 0.642
23.5 0.59
24 0.57
24.5 0.54
25 0.51
25s 0.515
25.5 0.49
26 0.46
26s 0.474
27 0.41
28 0.36
29 0.34
30 0.31
31 0.26
32 0.23
33 0.21

Which syringes are compatible?

All syringes with unobstructed access to the needle hub, for example the Paroject and including the ”Gun Sprayers”, are compatible with NeedleOff.

Which needle and syringe types can’t be used?

Do not use Needleoff for any type of needle other than a straight, threaded (metric and imperial) dental needle. It’s not designed for other needle types (such as Luer-Lock), needles that are mounted to the syringe under an angle (such as Citoject) or devices that do not offer unobstructed access to the needle hub (such as Quicksleeper).

What do you mean by ‘NeedleOff works hands-free’?

NeedleOff has been designed to be stable, with gripping feet, so you do not have to hold the device with you free hand before inserting a needle. It’s strongly advised not to touch NeedleOff during the procedure. This further reduces the risk of a needlestick injury.

Do I need to press the needle down into NeedleOff?

No, just lowering the needle into the needle funnel and firmly holding the shaft (to prevent it from spinning) is enough for a successful procedure. In fact, you should not apply any downward pressure before or during the procedure at all to minimize the risk of unintentionally forcing the needle back onto the thread.

What do I do with the syringe after the procedure?

To eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, it’s advised to clean the used syringe in accordance with the applicable hygiene protocol for contaminated medical instruments before the next use.

How long does the battery charge last?

We designed NeedleOff to be by your side or passed around different treatment rooms for an entire working day. It is advised to always start the day with a full charge.

What is the needle capacity of the Sharptainer?

The Sharptainer was designed to hold up to 400 needles. When the number of procedures exceeds 250, the counter will blink, warning you to take extra caution. Consider replacing the Sharptainer. After 400 procedures, NeedleOff will no longer work with the Sharptainer.

How does NeedleOff register the needle count?

NeedleOff keeps track of the number of procedures performed with a specific Sharptainer. That means an interrupted or failed procedure will be counted as a procedure as well. The number of performed procedures is stored in the RFID chip of the Sharptainer.

Does NeedleOff include tracking options for medical waste?

Every Sharptainer comes with a built-in RFID tag, which includes a unique identifier code. This way, NeedleOff and the Sharptainer are fully compatible with the potential tracking of medical waste streams.

What should i do if the needle does not turn off immediately?

NeedleOff contains a safety mechanism that holds the syringe for 2 seconds longer when it detects that the needle has not been turned off. This will alert you that the needle has not been twisted and you can safely re-present the syringe. A common cause of this is that the Gripper cassette - after cleaning - was not properly clicked into place, so that the mechanism was unable to grip the needle correctly. Therefore, make sure that the Gripper cassette is properly clicked into place before starting the calibration procedure.

Can I empty a Sharptainer?

It is not possible to empty a Sharptainer, which is intended to be sealed and safely disposed of when full. As the RFID chip registers the number of procedures performed, attempting to empty a Sharptainer is useless and unsafe.

Why would I need multiple Gripper Cassettes?

When you insert a used needle in the needle funnel, the Gripper Cassette is contaminated as well. In order to rule out any risk of cross-contamination, it is advised to change out the Gripper Cassette before performing the next procedure, whether on the same patient or a different one.

How do I clean NeedleOff?

The NeedleOff housing can be conveniently cleaned with medical alcohol (70%). The Gripper Cassette can easily be removed from the device, and the needle funnel can be detached. The Gripper Cassette and funnel can both be cleaned with medical alcohol and a brush, and are compatible with the thermodisinfector.

Where can I find a Dutch user manual?

Every NeedleOff Starterkit includes the user manual in English, Dutch, German and French. The manual can be found in the box.

You can also download the Dutch manual PDF.


You can use your browser or Acrobat Reader to open the manual.

Where can I find an English user manual?

Every NeedleOff Starterkit includes the user manual in English, Dutch, German and French. The manual can be found in the box.

You can also download the English manual PDF.


You can use your browser or Acrobat Reader to open the manual.

Where can I find a German user manual?

Every NeedleOff Starterkit includes the user manual in English, Dutch, German and French. The manual can be found in the box.

You can also download the German manual PDF.


You can use your browser or Acrobat Reader to open the manual.

Where can I find a French user manual?

Every NeedleOff Starterkit includes the user manual in English, Dutch, German and French. The manual can be found in the box.

You can also download the French manual PDF.


You can use your browser or Acrobat Reader to open the manual.

Where can I find a Norwegian user manual?

Every NeedleOff Starterkit includes the user manual in English, Dutch, German and French. The manual can be found in the box.

You can download the Norwegian manual PDF.


You can use your browser or Acrobat Reader to open the manual.



NeedleOff brings the end of recapping, period. The sustainability impact is twofold. Because there’s no additional volume other than just the bare needle itself, it takes a lot longer for the Sharptainer to fill up to capacity – which significantly reduces clinical waste. Furthermore, without recapping, you can now dispose of the remaining needle caps as separate, recyclable plastic waste.